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R. GAUTHIER COUVREUR has been operating in the commercial, industrial, and residential roofing sector (houses and multi-unit buildings) for over 30 years. We hold a $5 million liability insurance.

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Flat Roof Montreal-East

For your flat roof, we offer a choice between elastomeric membrane and metal profiles.

Flat Roof

As a flat roof contractor in Montreal-East, Anjou, Pointe-aux-Trembles, and surrounding areas, R. GAUTHIER COUVREUR has been in business for 30 years (RBQ license no.: 5765-3438-01). To cover residential, commercial, or industrial flat roofs, we install elastomeric membranes from manufacturers such as Soprema or IKO. Our company holds a $5 million liability insurance.

R. Gauthier couvreur

Elastomeric Membrane for Flat Roofs

The elastomeric membrane for residential, commercial, and industrial flat roofs is made of a robust non-woven polyester reinforcement, which covers an underlayer (SBS polymer-modified bitumen membrane) and is covered by another SBS polymer-modified bitumen membrane.

These two layers are fused during installation using a torch, which melts the underside of the upper layer to form a single, seamless, waterproof membrane that fits into all the nooks and crannies of your flat roof.

During installation, the underside of the upper membrane is heated and softened using a torch so that it thermally welds to the base underlayer, creating a very waterproof, thick, and elastic single-seam membrane. This penetrates into all the corners of the flat roof, preventing water infiltration.

The elastomeric membrane is covered with ceramic granules (in a color of your choice) that protect it from the elements and improve its durability.

Flat Roof Anjou

Advantages of Elastomeric Membrane

Since it is seamless, the elastomeric membrane is very waterproof and effectively protects flat roofs from water infiltration. Moreover, it is a very resistant and durable material that represents a good investment. A well-installed and properly ventilated elastomeric membrane can have a lifespan of up to 35 years with minimal maintenance. This material resists ultraviolet rays and harsh weather conditions.

The elastomeric membrane is available in multiple colors of granules. White granules reduce heat islands and help cool the interior of buildings during heat waves. It holds LEED certification.

With a vapor barrier, the elastomeric membrane for flat roofs also resists condensation and water vapor. It does not deteriorate due to the sun's ultraviolet rays and can have a lifespan of 35 years with annual maintenance. It is easy for our roofers to repair the membrane, if necessary.

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The team at R. GAUTHIER COUVREUR travels to Montreal-East, Anjou, Pointe-aux-Trembles, and all other neighborhoods of the city and suburbs.

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